Cookie Policy

Policy on Cookies, Pixels, Web Beacons, and Similar Technologies

Date of Last Revision: February 26, 2024

Our WeatherTomorrow platforms utilize various technologies, including Cookies, Pixel Tags, Web Beacons, Flash Shared Objects, HTML local storage, or HTML mini databases, to enhance your browsing experience. These platforms encompass our websites, mobile applications, and other digital offerings.

These technologies consist of small data files installed on your device, with their names and types subject to occasional changes. Throughout this policy, we may either mention specific names or use the term "cookies" generically to denote them.

Cookies fulfill various functions. For example, we utilize them to:
  • Enhance your experience by delivering a more efficient and secure service.
  • Track your device's recent visits to different sections of the site, allowing us to offer content tailored to your interests.
  • Support advertising efforts, which in turn enable us to offer many of our AccuWeather Sites free of charge or at reduced rates.
  • Analyze and improve the performance of our WeatherTomorrow Sites.

Here are examples of commonly employed cookie technologies:

  • Cookies: These are small data files containing potentially anonymous unique identifiers. When you access an WeatherTomorrow Site via a browser, including mobile browsers, cookies may be transmitted and stored in the device's memory. This facilitates device identification during subsequent visits to WeatherTomorrow Sites through the browser.
  • Pixel Tags, Web Beacons, Flash Shared Objects, HTML5 Local Storage, HTML5 Mini Databases: These technologies are utilized on many mobile devices to store information locally, enhancing internet browsing experiences. Additionally, Flash Shared Objects, HTML5 Local Storage, and HTML5 Mini Databases enable the tracking of a user's web browsing activities across the internet, rather than being confined to a single website.

There are two types of cookies: "first-party cookies," which originate directly from us, and "third-party cookies," which come from external providers assisting in the operation of our WeatherTomorrow Sites or serving advertisements to your device while you're using these sites. Additionally, some third-party cookies may stem from providers whose content is embedded in or accessed through our WeatherTomorrow Sites.

You have the option to configure your browser or device settings to reject all cookies or to alert you when a cookie is being sent. However, if you choose not to allow your device to accept cookies, your user experience may not be optimal upon your return, as we may not be able to recognize your device. Consequently, you may need to re-enter saved locations or passwords for convenience.

How Does WeatherTomorrow Use Cookies?